The San Francisco African American Historical and Cultural Society presents exhibits, programs, speakers, and other events which inform and provide context on African American history, life and culture. This page features current and upcoming events and highlights a memorable past exhibit.


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Exhibits, Past, Present, Future

  • "Voting and Obama Legacy of Hope in the Society gallery, call 415-292-6172 or email the Society for access.

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Society Films

African Americans and the Vote

African Americans and the Vote, a documentary film featuring Mayor Willie L. Brown, Jr., Judge John Dearman, and De’Anthony Jones, was “on time” for the November 2019 election; and it remains of import. The life stories of those featured in the video speak to the importance of voting. That election demonstrated that the African American vote can make a difference! The film documents their childhoods, family backgrounds, and opportunities that shaped their lives as African Americans involved in the political and public arena.

This is the second Black History Month documentary produced by the Society in conjunction with Citizen Film. The film was honored at the Bernal Heights Outdoor Film Festival in 2019. We are now proudly able to present the film in its entirety here.

Or visit the Citizen Film site to see the film and many others of local interest. For more information, contact the Society at, or 415-292-6172

Migration Stories

A film depicting 6 people's oral history of migration to San Francisco, produced by The Society and Citizen Film for Black History Month 2019: Migration Stories of San Francisco African Americans

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